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3rd ( Proceedings by Springer and Technically associated with ACM and Namibia University of Science and Technology) IDBA-ACMWIR-2023 |16 - 17 Jun 2023 | Sri Aurobindo Institute of Technology Indore, India. Third International Conference on Data Science and Bigdata Analytics (IDBA-ACMWIR-2023 ):

Important Date: January 24, 2023

Publication: All IDBA-ACMWIR-2023 presented papers will be published in conference proceedings by Springer. Electronic ISSN: 2731-5568 Print ISSN: 2731-555X, Series: “Data-Intensive Research” (

Papers Submission: The conference is anticipated to attract a large number of high-quality submissions and stimulate cutting-edge research discussions amongst many academic pioneering researchers, scientists, industrial engineers, and students from all around the world:

Organizing & Associated Partners: Microsoft Conference Toolkit, Namibia University of Science and Technology, Namibia, ACM Indore Chapter, Knowledge Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Venue: Sri Aurobindo Institute of Technology, Indore, India. (

Dear Friends and Colleagues, The International Conference on Data Science and Big Data Analysis (ACM-WIR) is a well-established event held since 2016. Until now two International Conferences (ACM-WIR) have simultaneously been conducted in the year 2016,2018. Since Covid, the importance of Data Science and Big Data analytics has escalated to a greater extent. Post-Covid we are organizing the 3rd International Conference- ACM-WIR in June 2023. We are organizing this in association with ACM, IEEE Computer Society CSI. We have already collaborated with Namibia University, more names are yet to be added soon. The goal of this conference is to bring together academicians, industrialists, researchers, students, and Government experts from the domain of 'Data Science and Big Data Analysis'. The scope of the conference includes long-term research issues, short-term requirements, and challenges.

Following are the topics of interest but are not limited to them :

Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Quantum Computing, Big Data and Cloud Security, Computation Security, · Big data Security, Information Security, Forecasting, Data Analytics, Mathematics for Data Science, Graph Theory and Application in Data Science, Facial recognition, Data visualization, Computer Vision, Analytics for Social Networks, Real-time/Right-time and Event-based Analytics, Privacy and Security in Cloud Intelligence, Reliability and Fault tolerance in Cloud Intelligence, Data and Knowledge Representation, Integration of Data Warehousing, OLAP and Data Mining, Integrating Constraints and Knowledge in the KDD Process, Exploring Data Analysis, Inference of Causes, Prediction, Big Data , Data Mining Trends, Opportunities and Risks, Big Data, Data Mining from Low-quality Information Sources, Big Data Analytics and Knowledge Discovery Tools, Big Data Deployment Industrial Experiences, Big Data Applications in Science, Government, Healthcare, Bioinformatics, Smart City, etc., Big Data Analytics Applications in E-commerce and Web Technology for Finance, Healthcare, etc. Big Data Analytics Applications in Marketing, Telecommunications etc., Big Data for Intrusion/Fraud Detection, Big Data and Business Process Intelligence (BPI), Big Data in Enterprise Management Models and practices

For more: International Conference on Data Science and Big Data Analytics (

I'd like to invite you all to submit your formatted full papers containing results, tables, figures, and references. All submissions are handled through the Microsoft Conference toolkit website at

Sincerely Yours – Convener IDBA-ACMWIR-2023